Campground Rules

Park Rules and Information

We strive to make everyone’s visit to Indiana Beach Campground a pleasant, fun and memorable one.  Please help us to make everyone’s camping experience an enjoyable one! We ask that you respect other campers. Please do not travel through campsites on the way to the washrooms or other areas of the park.

Check out is 11:00AM EST

All vehicles must display parking pass at all times.

All guests and visitors must check-in and register at the Campground office before proceeding through the gate. All visitors must leave by 10PM, EST, or register as an overnight guest.

Site Restrictions: Camping rates are for 1 camping unit and 1 vehicle, an additional tent or vehicle may be added for an additional fee. Camping rates are based on 6 persons per site, additional per person fees apply. A maximum of 8 persons per site.

Speed Limit throughout the park is 5 MPH. Licensed drivers ONLY may operate a vehicle or golf cart (student driver permits are NOT permitted).  All golf carts must meet park requirements, headlights, tail lights and working horn. Proof of Insurance is required for all golf carts.

Other than registered golf carts and mobility products used for disabilities and medical conditions, no powered mini bikes, dirt bikes, ATV’s, Go-Karts, scooters, mopeds, hover boards, or other battery or gasoline powered vehicles (including children’s ride-on toys) are allowed in the Resort.  Only exception is maintenance personnel gators.

Motorcycles used for transportation are to be registered at the front office when you check in.  Motorcycles may be ridden only from the Resort entrance to your site, and may not be ridden around the Resort.  All operators must be at least 18 years of age with a valid motorcycle driver’s license.

Bicycle riding after dark is not permitted.  All bicyclists must wear a helmet when riding.  Anyone caught violating these rules may face confiscation of their bicycle and revoked riding privileges. Please do not drive through automatic gates. We are not responsible for injuries or accidents.

Pets: Pets are part of the family and with any member of the family you have the responsibility with your pet. Pets must be on a leash at all times no longer than 6 feet. When on your site your pet must be tethered within the confines of your site. Please clean up after your pets and dispose of waste in dumpsters. Do not leave your pet unattended. Excessive barking or aggressiveness can result in removal from the camp resort. Pets are not allowed in pavilions, playground, cabins, cabin grounds unless a certified service animal.

Trash: Please be respectful of other campers, keep your site free of trash and food waste. Dumpsters are located throughout the campground and located on the camp resort map.

Grey Water: All grey water must be dumped at the dump station.

Campfires: Please do not leave campfires unattended. All campfires must be contained within the designated fire ring. Please do not move fire rings.

Quiet Hours: Quiet time is 11pm to 8am. Friday and Saturday night midnight to 8am. Please keep voices low during this time. TV’s and radios must be kept at a low level. No visitors after 10pm. All children are to be at your site or cabin during this time.

Alcoholic Beverages are restricted to your campsite, State and County public intoxication laws apply and will be enforced.

Not Allowed: Firearms, B.B. guns, bow and arrows, slingshots, air guns or weapons of any kind, fireworks are not permitted on premises. Drones, Illegal drugs & other contraband. Please do not put up clothes lines or attach items to trees.

Smoking: Smoking is not allowed in any indoor facilities (cabins, restrooms, pavilion, camp store or office). Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground.

Available facilities may vary throughout the year.

Behavior: Please respect other campers and our park facilities. If you do not, remember that we enforce our rules to protect our campers and our camp resort.  Loud, rowdy or other inappropriate behavior of any kind will result in your removal from the campground without benefit of any refund. Management reserves the right to evict, at our discretion and without refund, any person whose conduct is objectionable or violates campground rules.